The Remote Show

Laïla von Alvensleben, Head of People Ops at MURAL

Episode Summary

This week we’re excited to share our conversation with Laïla Von Alvensleben, the Head of People Ops at Mural. Laïla was kind enough to dig into the specifics of managing and cultivating company successful remote culture, and much more! Enjoy!

Episode Notes

In this wide ranging conversation, Laïla and I dig into a number of relevant topics when it comes to remote work. What has been particularly interesting for me, as many of our listeners probably know, is the idea of company culture on a remote team and how best to optimize it. One of the key takeaways from our chat was the importance or one on one check-ins with team members, and what happens when someone is feeling off or not 100% in their work. Laila gave a unique perspective on this, as well as asynchronous communication, hiring, design thinking/collaboration on a distributed team. 

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