The Remote Show

Mesh Lakhani, Founding Partner at Mark 2 Capital and host of the Talk Money Podcast

Episode Summary

To kick off the new studio post-Covid19, we're excited to show you our conversation with Mesh Lakhani. Mesh is a technology investor and podcaster who hosts Talk Money, a show that focuses on business and education through storytelling. Enjoy!

Episode Notes

Mesh brings a fresh perspective here on the Remote Show. Unlike other operators/managers we've interviewed, Mesh focuses mostly on business education by way of storytelling, journalistic inquiry and content creation. It was particularly interesting diving into what Mesh believes New York could look like in five years post Covid19, and what remote work means from the perspective of an investor, rather than an operator.

This is a bit different from our typical conversations, and I'm hoping you enjoy this perspective on technology, remote work and business. If you have any suggestions, or feedback -- reach out to us at!

Follow Mesh on Twitter @meshlakhani and visit his podcast page to learn more about Talk Money. I personally recommend Mesh's content to everyone wanting to learn more about personal finance, business and investing.  The shows are informative and entertaining, trust us!

Please enjoy our conversation! If you like the show, please remember, review, subscribe and tell a friend! We'd really appreciate it.